My Squidoo Experience Update.

graveyard tales 1So I’ve been busy my last few weeks here. Between camping, working and writing Squidoo lenses I have sort of neglected my site. Here’s a quick rundown of my last few lenses.

I graduated from the Rocket Squid club doing many of the quests. Many of the quest lenses I did received the Purple Star Award which is the next highest award given to a lens – short of Lens Of The Day (LOTD). It seems the quests were in tune with what I was doing with my life so I was turning out originality because I was writing what I was doing. It was great fun.

We bought a new canoe in the Spring and that spurred more than a few lenses.Canoeing gregg lake

Choosing the Right Canoe Equipment I was shopping for canoe equipment because we had just bought a second hand canoe and needed to outfit for safety. I turn out a lens on the subject.

Canoeing Gregg Lake came next as our virgin voyage in our newly acquired canoe. I should have labeled this one William A. Switzer Park because I could update it every time we went camping then.

While we de4cided to take a working holiday, I turned that trip into a few travel and vacation lenses. We stayed at the Black Cat Guest Ranch and from there we visited Jasper National Park. I wrote about the visit in two lenses. Visiting Miette Hot Springs and Things To See In Jasper. I had so much fun doing these lenses because it forced me to look at where I was going with new eyes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve swam in the Miette Hot Springs and never took the simple walk to the original site and source. It was an eye opener.

We are going back in August for another visit and this time I am taking some of my nieces so that will be an eye-opener. That’s being documented in I’m Scared To Go Camping With The Kids.  

We’ll see how it goes but for now. I’m going back to see if there are more quests to do. It’s like treasure hunting.

On the Rise with Squidoo – Online Marketing Basics.

Online Marketing Basics

 Remember what it was like learning something new that was fun to do. You could enjoy the subtleties of each new task and you didn’t mind failing because it was new, you just tried again a different way until you got it. That is what I’ve been doing for the last month.

I found a place that takes your back and teaches you online marketing basics without telling you what you are doing. It’s crafted in such a way that the art of blogging and online marketing are combined yet broken down into such small blocks you don’t realise the whole until it is done and passes.

You Learn By Doing

“You learn by doing”, I hear that all the time. At Squidoo that is what you do. By entering your information into the building blocks of the system you are guided, successfully, to a finished product. Along the way each “lens” or post you make is ranked along with all the others posted at Squidoo and you can follow the progress. You are given points when you do something right, awards and trophies when you hit milestones or do something exceptional. This point system shows you the value of the basics of online marketing.

My Month in Squidoo

I’ve taken the month off my blog to get back to the basics of online marketing. I started exploring what Squidoo has to offer and what it teaches you to do while it is rewarding you for writing with its system. Example: You get a few points for commenting on other peoples blogs, you get a few points for using certain modules in your post. You get a lot of points for each new lens you write. You get a lot of points for participating in challenges called “Quests.” You even get points and rewards for just showing up every day.

This boils down to these basics we have heard before. Blog every day. Tell others. Make Money. Have you heard that line before?
Squidoo shows you the online marketing basics by teaching you the write well-crafted personal lenses or posts. The better you write the posts the higher they rank, the more people see them and the more money you get paid. This is the whole idea behind doing anything online.

Don’t do anything because you are told to do it. Do it because you know the value and do it because you are having fun doing it.

Let me show you what aI mean with my months work at Squidoo.

Some of My Squidoo Lenses

One lens I wrote last year before I knew what I was doing. It is red flagged so the public can’t even see it because it is full of bad practices. It sits at 523,839 on Squidoos ranking.

Penguin Update: Types of Backlinks | Keep it Real sits at 143,689. (Tier 4)

make a kite2

sits at 113,154 (Tier 4)
sits at 107,394 (Tier 4)

natural sourdough bread
sits at 62,557 (Tier 3)
sits at 58,029 (Tier 3)

easy chocolate cake recipes
sits at 36,251 (Tier 3 )


sits at 29,831 (Tier 3 )


naturally fresh deodorant stone
sits at 2,782 (Tier 2)


sits at 110 (Tier 1)


Getting Recognition Learning Online Basics

Squidoo has a tiered payment plan. Members get paid from revenues from Google Adsense ads and Amazon affiliate payouts, as well as direct sales of products. They have many other modules that allow one to make money online but these are the main ones.

Tier 4 lens (>85,000) are at the bottom of the list and get paid very little. Most of the lenses I did when I started writing on Squidoo are in the Tier 4 category.

Tier 3 Lenses (20,000 – 85,000) get a portion of the Adsense money but it is a small percentage and you’re lucky to get about $0.50 a month for lower  lenses. But they get money and more of it the higher you rank and the longer you rank there.

Tier 2 Lenses ( 2000 – 20,000 ) will get over $6 a month plus direct sales and referrals.

Tier 1 Lenses (1-2000 ) get the most traffic and sales portion at $40+ a month for as long as they stay ranked. Plus of course direct sales and so on.

The money is nice but at this point I am showing you this to show you the progression my work has taken from following the teachings and guidance of the Squidoo team. I’ve gone from writing crappy Tier 4 lenses to getting several Purple Star Awards and  a Lens of The Day Award In just over thirty days. I think this is awesome.

The secret is in the numbers. Like all online marketing blogging, you get paid from the traffic you receive.  Get out there and write good lenses, tell others and get paid. Hmmm I’ve heard that before.

I’ve hope you’ve learned some online marketing basics today and will continue to follow my efforts as I will be posting more soon.

online marketing basics Bill Avery

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The Wonders of Squidoo

I’ve been away from my blog lately. Spring , bringing change I guess.

I have been working on my Squidoo lens of late though. I am getting into the concept of Squidoo this year. I joined back in 2011 but did very little beyond a few lens that never went anywhere. They didn’t go because they didn’t follow the guidelines of Squidoo. The biggest thing is they were not personalized.

I’ve posted a few lens and they are starting to get attention. That is the key. Relationship marketing is all about gaining attention and trust. I’ve failed at this and maybe working on my Squidoo lens will show me what I’ve been doing wrong. What I like about Squidoo is the feedback. Not only from the readers and visitors but from the system itself. The system rewards you for attendance, for posting, for contributing and commenting. This is reinforcing some of the key principles of online marketing. Consistency, persistence and connectivity.

Here are a few choice lens I’ve done.

Knots You Need To Know – To Make Life Easier

How To Make a Kite

The Best Cheese Biscuits With No Butter

These are just a few. Check it out.
Bill Avery

Auto Backlink Software Uses: Post Penguin Action

auto backlink softwareAutomatic Backlink creating software can assist you to develop your own internet business, and really should be relied on as a chief cornerstone to getting high search engine rankings. Let’s talk about how it is possible to utilize auto backlink software for yourself.

Once you put with each other the correct mixture of components they take shape into a successful blog or income internet site, these materials include:

* The correct product
* Careful selection of keywords and phrases
* Investigation
* Quantity of backlinks
* The regular addition of good quality content
* Powerful marketing

All these components go hand in hand. If there’s a weak link in this chain then your probabilities of good results will likely be drastically reduced.

A lot of people aspire to be # 1 on page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine.

When we state “everyone” or “a lot of people”, we suggest the competition you are going to deal with. While you may naturally think that it’s a lot of people, your true competition is the first 10 sites on page one. If your objective is to be first on page one, so are other people. Page one is where most people spend their cash – they are the first links they click, they are the first sites they see, etc. Lowering the competitors to those 10 currently on page one will make the task of being leading a lot less daunting.

Why Auto Backlink Software Will Support Your Rise in Google

Constructing a site is simple. You may even uncover that your selection of topic is easy to write about also. You have endless concepts for videos and articles. Excellent. Now take a look at how many backlinks your competitors have. Do we hear groaning? Thousands?

Most internet marketers know exactly where to obtain great backlinks. They must come from relevant sites and you get them by leaving comments on DoFollow blogs and forums, submitting articles to directories and writing as numerous guest posts as you can. But it’s all quite labor intensive and time consuming.

Take a second to think about if you could possibly have an individual – or better, something – that could possibly work for you day and night and do all that backlink building for you while you spend your priceless time doing something else. Does such a thing also exist?

My Two Auto Backlink Software Choices

By making use of the Digital Traffic Generator you are able to create hundreds of backlinks speedily and effortlessly. You can post either bookmarks or spun articles.

Invest in Unique Article Wizard an additional automated system that submits unique versions of one’s articles to hundreds of various article directories, and you’ll have a winning mixture.

Making Use of Auto Backlink Software Will Save You Money

Inexpensive backlinks, the ones you buy for a couple of pennies from link farmers or outsourcers in India are just that – inexpensive backlinks. They come from unmoderated blogs, forums and decryptatudlnal projects which are decaying off into the backwater recesses in the search engine indexes. You would no sooner desire to build a sturdy foundation on an eroding hillside than you’d need to build backlinks on a dying internet site.

If your rival has thousands of backlinks ahead of you, you’ll be spending hundreds of hours each month attempting to catch up with them – even if you cut it into manageable areas. Using an auto backlink software will not just save you cash, but it saves you precious time of needing to double check the efforts of outsourcers.

Watch your web site rapidly rise for the prime position from the SERPs whilst your list of backlinks grows with barely any work on your part. And when your website is at the top and making you a steady stream of money, you’ll be able to use your auto backlink software to make even more money-making sites. Rinse and repeat.

PS: If you wish to have more information I have a free report you can download called Organic Marketing That Sticks.

Fill in the box below.

Keyword Research – Find Competitor Keywords

find competitor keywords


Having trouble finding keywords for your campaigns? Stuck in one spot while others in your niche are finding all these amazing keywords as you sit back saying, “Why didn’t I think of that one”? A simple way to start a campaign is to follow the leader. Look at their website and find competitor keywords.

Keyword research is the first part of SEO tactics when writing content for the web. Learning how to find competitor keywords is as easy as opening a simple free tool. Google Adwords Keyword Tool can be used to scrap keywords from website’s the same way you can use it to find keywords from searches.

 How To Do Keyword Research

find competitor keywords
When doing competitor research, you need some tools. Start with SEOQuake. This free toolbar can be found at Once installed you just use your search engine as normal and it pulls all sorts of competitor’s info on each ranked article. At a glance you can see the PR, number of links, age, Alexa rank and much more. The next tool is also free, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Learning how to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the first step on the keyword research path. It is the same tool you use for any other keyword research project. Instead of starting with a seed keyword you start with a website.

On a Google search page pick a generic niche keyword like “keyword research tips” and choose the top site that is not a high PR mega site like Wikapedia or something. Use the SeoQuake info to judge your competitor. Choose a niche site and grab the URL.

find competitor keywords

Next open Google Adwords Keyword Tool and put the URL in the Website search box. Do not fill in a word or phrase like you would normally. The second step is to fix the match type to Exact then fill in the check box for ‘Only show ideas closely related to my search terms’. Finally click on the search button.

What comes out is a list of keywords scraped from that website. You can filter them any way you wish like you do with other keywords and see if you can come up with viable keywords to use in your own content.


Using SEO Techniques to Find Competitors Keywords

Now that you have the keywords you wish to use, you need to start writing content. Remember to write your content with SEO in mind. Knowing how a search engine works will allow you to write your content so it ranks better. That is the whole point of SEO.

It is the spider code of the search engine that gathers info from your finished page. Knowing what a spider likes and ignores makes it easier. Spiders crawl the web looking for newly published content and gathers the text, links and the urls and saves the data for the search engine algorithms. These algorithms sort the data linking keywords to urls and when someone searches using the Google search bar it lists pages in order of best fit. One thing that is important; the spider doesn’t look at images, formatting or videos.

Knowing this when you add your images to your site, make sure you give it an alt tag, preferably your keyword. Put your keywords in the title, the first and last paragraphs of your content and throughout your content. This is the typical on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO deals with getting backlinks to your site. Another thing that has changed in recent times is the Penguin Update which affects the sort of backlinks to your content. Before the Penguin Update, it was thought that the mere number of backlinks to your content was enough to get to the first page. Now you must be careful not to place keywords in your links anchor text if you plan on syndicating the content. Too many links back to your site with the same keyworded anchor text would over balance the ratio and flag your content so it doesn’t get ranked. Keep your targeted links down to 20% and you’ve survive the Penguin algorithms.

So I hope that helps you find competitor keywords as a source of keywords for content on your own site. It’s worth the effort to know what your competition is.

find competitors keywords Bill Avery