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To get your articles published faster on this blog, we advice you read the guideline below before submitting your article for publication.

 We accept guest articles that are targeted at entrepreneurs and online marketers. Our main purpose is to teach people how to start a business; therefore, your article must fall under the any following category.

  • Branding Opportunity
  • Advertising
  • Internet Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Business tools, products and equipments
  • Or any other business related articles.

Some Guidelines For Your Article To Be Considered For Posting

  1.  We only accept a minimum of 500+ words per article. (not including the authors Bio)
  2.  Your article must be well structured and easy to understand.
  3.   We care about what we publish on our blog; so your article must be written exclusively for Your article must not be published elsewhere. Google has a strong anti content duplication policy.
  4. Affiliate links are not allowed.
  5. Your article should be written around a particular keyword e.g. (starting a business) or (viral marketing). Writing your article based on a particular keyword will help it gain a better position on the search engines and probably hit first page of Google as many of our articles have done.
  6. Your article headline must contain your main keyword.
  7. You are allowed to add a maximum of two backlink in your authors byline. You can send your authors bio in html tags.
  8. Please send your articles, keywords and author’s bio in MSWord Document to GuestPost[at]

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