The Wonders of Squidoo

I’ve been away from my blog lately. Spring , bringing change I guess.

I have been working on my Squidoo lens of late though. I am getting into the concept of Squidoo this year. I joined back in 2011 but did very little beyond a few lens that never went anywhere. They didn’t go because they didn’t follow the guidelines of Squidoo. The biggest thing is they were not personalized.

I’ve posted a few lens and they are starting to get attention. That is the key. Relationship marketing is all about gaining attention and trust. I’ve failed at this and maybe working on my Squidoo lens will show me what I’ve been doing wrong. What I like about Squidoo is the feedback. Not only from the readers and visitors but from the system itself. The system rewards you for attendance, for posting, for contributing and commenting. This is reinforcing some of the key principles of online marketing. Consistency, persistence and connectivity.

Here are a few choice lens I’ve done.

Knots You Need To Know – To Make Life Easier

How To Make a Kite

The Best Cheese Biscuits With No Butter

These are just a few. Check it out.
Bill Avery

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