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What Is The Best Deodorant?

There is a wide selection of deodorants on the market but the best in my opinion is naturally fresh crystal.

I’ve been using this crystal deodorant stone for over twenty years now, ever since I was introduced to it at a weekend flea market stand. I swear by the thing. I’m a tradesman and used to the heavy hot work of an oil refinery and I can even skip a day of using the stone without anyone being put off by body odor. It’s that good.

Clean clear sweat has little bad odor. The foul odor associated with body odor or sweating is caused from bacteria growing in the blocked pores of sweat glands coated with commercial aluminum-based antiperspirant or deodorant. Using a rock salt crystal deodorant stone kills off these bacteria that cause odor without entering into the bloodstream.

Usually aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium is the active ingredient of these products that seal off the sweat glands in an attempt to reduce sweating and masking odor. But these sealed pores cause a whole mess of problems, least of which is foul odor.

Aluminum is also linked to health issues like Alzheimer’s, meningitis and epilepsy to name a few. The aluminum cholorhydrate is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and is small enough to cross over the blood-brain barrier. For this reason alone I stopped using commercial deodorants.

The healthy natural crystal deodorant stone is composed of alum-based compounds. That is alum not aluminum. Aluminum is a metal where as alum is a natural compound with potassium or ammonium. Alum compounds are not absorbed through the skin so are safe to use. It also doesn’t leave stains on your clothes.

The sooner you can start using the stone the better. It takes awhile for the body to rid itself from the contaminants of commercial deodorants but stay with it. These crystal salts are not antiperspirants but once the pores have been cleared the body will naturally reduce the perspiration output because the pores have been cleared. You just sweat less because more pores are working efficiently.

Using the Crystal Stone Deodorant

Using the deodorant stone crystal is safe for kids even. Just wet the stone under running water and apply to the area you need protected. Make sure to rinse the stone before moving to another area and also after you are finished. Always rinse the stone well when done.

Uses For Left Over Pieces of End Of The Roll.

As it is a natural stone some of the crystal deodorants have internal fractures that cause it to break over time or if you drop the stone and it shatters. Save these pieces. I use them with hot water in a pan to soak my feet at the end of a hard day. Not only does it relax me but curbs the malodorous as well.

Put some pieces in a small cloth bag and keep them in the tub when you are soaking. They truly do help.

I put some in the evaporation tray under my plants to keep down odor causing bacteria. As long as they are not accessible to the plants themselves. My evaporation tray is full of marbles and small pebbles to keep the plants raised above the water. They love the extra humidity.

I used to have a tray under my old freezer that caught dripping water that I used the stones in but my new freezer doesn’t have that feature.

Places To Get The Stone Crystal Deodorant.

Check health food store and any of the large super markets. I recommend finding a good supplier, then you can get the stones online. I use the natural stone which comes in various sizes. The one I use starts out the size of a tennis ball and lasts about six months. So it is cheaper than stick deodorant. I have tried the ones that come in a roll-on tube but I find that they tend to break easier and I end up with wasted pieces and an unnecessary roll-on tube.

Which ever way you go, stick with it. It takes a bit of time for the body to rid itself of the clogged pores but once you are cleared the stone works awesome. I highly recommend it.

Stay dry.

crystal deodorant by Bill Avery

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